What You Should Know About Digital Content

Soon, the Internet will be the primary way you get digital content (including music, TV shows, movies, and home videos) into your home theater. Until recently, most of the content destined for your home [more…]

How to Gauge Network Requirements for Digital Content

Figuring out your digital content’s impact on the computing and network requirements in your home theater is similar to calculating out how much space you need in your living room for books. There are [more…]

The Basics of Accessing Online Content

Accessing online content is pretty easy with the help of high-speed Internet connectivity. The more you access and download online content for viewing, you put pricing and product pressure on cable, satellite [more…]

How to Convert Existing Non-Digital Content to Digital

You can convert non-digital content (like LPs and videotapes) into computer-friendly digital content. Changing stuff from non-digital to digital means you can enjoy your collections of movies, songs, and [more…]

Where to Find Online Audio Content

Downloading online music instead of buying a CD at a store is pretty convenient, but music isn't the only audio content you can find online. Audio book and free Internet radio are also available. Audio [more…]

Where to Find Online Video Content

Online video content is becoming more abundant (and it's so darn convenient!). Rather than renting DVDs, more folks are downloading or streaming video content [more…]

How to Use Media Adapters and Servers to Download Content

Some companies provide media adapters/servers or standalone devices that make it easy for you to download Internet content to your home theater PC or TV. The typical media adapter is wireless, supports [more…]

How to Use a Standalone Media Device

Standalone media devices connect directly to the Internet and don't require an intermediary PC to watch movies. In other words, with a standalone media device you don't need an actively running PC to gain [more…]