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A simple but very elegant BlackBerry PlayBook tool is the built-in calculator, which can help you balance your checkbook, figure the tip for dinner, perform complex scientific math, or convert from just about any measurement of size, volume, or energy to another.

To switch between the four built-in calculators, swipe down from the top frame or bezel. Then tap one of the following:

  • Standard

  • Scientific

  • Unit Converter

  • Tip Calculator

Standard calculator on the Blackberry PlayBook

You’ll recognize the number key pad and most of the operators. There are also memory keys:

  • MC clears the current memory register.

  • M+ adds the current result to the memory register.

  • M– subtracts the current result from the memory register.

  • MR recalls the value in the memory register and pastes it into the current calculation.

Scientific calculator on the Blackberry PlayBook

Remember when you needed to buy an expensive special-purpose scientific calculator for trigonometry class? Don’t you wish you could get that money back? Here are just some of the operators available in the scientific calculator:

  • Rad

  • Deg

  • Sin / Cos / Tan

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