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Ten Tips on How to Plan a Conference

Select a location.

Check out conference centers and hotels (a.k.a. venues). Compare rates and what services are included. This is where the details really matter.

Think of everything you will need. Keep adding to the list. Remember things like Internet access, sound systems, tables and chairs, coffee, and snacks. Remember everything.

Hotels and centers charge by the number of rooms you use and meals you serve. Estimate attendance numbers carefully.

How many free lodging rooms will the hotel include for speakers and board members?

What are food costs? The fewer choices you offer attendees for meals, the more money you can save. The venue’s managers for conferences, facilities, and catering can advise you. Use them.

What technology services will the facility provide? You may have to hire a tech trouble shooter for the inevitable computer and projector glitches.

Check with other conference planners for reviews of your possible venues.

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