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Grow a sunflower house.

Kids love hiding places in the garden. One way to build a hiding place without having to resort to building a structure is to grow a sunflower house. Sunflowers grow tall and by creating a hiding place in the middle of planting, kids feel like they have their own room to play.

To create a sunflower house, grow a 6- to 10-foot-diameter ring of tall sunflowers in the garden (the diameter will depend on your garden's size). Leave a space for an entrance. As these quick-growing annuals grow and eventually start to flower, tie the tops of the sunflowers heads together to create the roof of the house.

Wait until the flower heads form before tying the heads together. The heads don't need to be closely tied together, just enough to create the effect of a ceiling. Have your kids decorate the inside room any way they like with small chairs, tables, toys, signs, and anything else that will foster a sense of excitement for their house.

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