iPhone sports apps are among the thousands of mobile device applications available in the iTunes App Store. Whether you get in the game with a free app, or you pay to play, the following apps are bound to score well with iPhone fans.

Sports app Cost of app App's best features App-related things to think about
ESPN ScoreCenter Free (ad supported) Comprehensive coverage of scores for just about any sport and team; awesome, intuitive interface Getting back to top of long lists is a challenge.
Fox Sports Mobile Free (ad supported) Deep sports coverage (not as comprehensive as ESPN ScoreCenter) that includes news, videos, stats, standings, and team information Moving from sport to sports requires tapping a button in the top-right corner — not particularly unintuitive.
JIRBO Paper Football Signature Edition $4.99 (free, ad-supported version is time limited) US It's fun, and flicking a paper football across the table will harken you back to days of play in the school cafeteria. Limited physics make such moves as the spinning football all but impossible.
MLB.com at Bat $9.99 US during season; free off-season Live streaming video, real-time box scores, game stats, and more during season; news, video, team info, and previous season stats out-of-season Unpredictable video quality; some games are unavailable or blacked out in certain areas.
Sportacular Pro $1.99 US Football, baseball, soccer, golf coverage includes current and past scores of leagues, along with upcoming schedules. Feature-rich, good design and interface Could cover more sports
CBS Sports Mobile Free (ad supported) Colorful graphics, video clips from CBS's extensive coverage, and access to current college polls Clunky, slow interface
Fantasy Football Cheatsheet '09 $1.99 US "Up-to-the-minute" player news and injury reports for some 500 ranked players, enabling multiple draft pick lists Each new season gets a new app, so shop accordingly.
GolfLogix Golf GPS Free limited download Detailed info — such as distances to layups; hazards; and front, center, back of every green — on 24,000 golf courses around the world Requires in-app purchase of $39.95/year after 24 hours
PocketDyno+ $12.99 Measure and store drag racing performance of your vehicle, including real-time Gs, speed, and distance, 0 to 60 MPH (or 100km/h) time, estimated wheel horsepower, and trap speed. Don’t try this on the street, kids.
Ski and Snow Report from SkiReport.com Free Frequently updated reports on resort status, including snow base for open resorts, new snow, and how many lifts and trails are open If you're a skier or snowboarder, feeds your obsession for checking ski and snow reports.