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Ten Belly-Bloating Foods

Cola can be a huge belly bloater.

In addition to the carbonation that increases gas in the stomach (which causes immediate belly bloat), the sugar in cola can make that temporary bloat turn into a permanently larger belly! Depending on the cola, it may contain sugar, corn syrup, or another liquid sweetener. All of these sweeteners have the same long-term effect: increased fat storage right in your abdominal area.

High sugar content, especially in liquid form, immediately raises blood sugar, which in turn spikes insulin levels. This elevated insulin level signals your body to begin storing the excess sugar as fat. And, of course, your body places it in the easiest and most convenient location: your belly.

Diet soda isn’t the answer. It doesn’t contain sugar, but it still contains carbonation, which is an instant belly bloater. Diet sodas are also packed full of artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are foreign chemicals to your body, so when they’re consumed in excessive amounts, they may increase inflammation, which in the long run can increase health risks and belly fat.

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