Tackling the GRE Analytical Writing Section

Part of the GRE For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use these tips as you work through the Analytical Writing section of the GRE. When you write the Analyze an Issue essay for the test, remember to

  • Answer the question in your notes, providing your own perspective and jotting down examples that support your position.

  • In the introductory paragraph, answer the question specifically, paraphrasing the question and making your opinion known.

  • Write about three paragraphs, discussing your perspective and using the supporting reasons and examples from your notes (and anticipating and addressing counterarguments).

  • Compose a final paragraph that summarizes, not merely repeats, the points of your essay.

As you write the Analyze an Argument essay, remember to

  • Identify the assumptions within the argument and discuss how reasonable they are to the total argument.

  • Provide outside counterexamples or supporting information to strengthen or weaken the argument.

  • Avoid giving your opinion on the topic; the point here is to discuss how well argued the essay is as written.

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