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Strategic Planning, Phase 5: Align Your Resources

Now that you’ve established a clear direction and the road map to get there, your strategic planning team is ready to align the strategy to resources. Specifically, in Phase 5, you align financial resources and people to the strategy. Accomplishing this task can be simple or complex, depending on how detailed your team wants to get.

The simple approach is to review your goals and objectives and look for any areas where you need additional budget or people to successfully accomplish the activity. The more complex approach is to align each goal or objective to a budget line item and review your organizational structure for skill and capability gaps.

After you’ve completed your alignment, you’re ready to roll out your plan to the whole organization. The duration of this phase depends on your budgeting process. During this time, you answer these business questions:

  • Do we have our resources aligned to our business objectives?

  • Do we have the right people to execute the strategy?

  • What are our communication methods, channels, and frequency?

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