Keeping your kitchen stocked with low-glycemic staples helps you adhere to a low-glycemic lifestyle. When you can easily make food in your own kitchen, you're more likely to make lifelong changes. Here is a master grocery list of low-glycemic foods to get you started.

Food Type Low-Glycemic Options
Breads Ezekiel Sprouted-Grain Bread
Natural Ovens Hunger-Filler Bread
Grains Uncle Ben's Converted Rice
Brown rice
Cheese Tortellini
Pearl barley
Dairy Low-fat yogurt
Fat-free milk
Low-fat cottage cheese
Fruit Any fresh fruit
Fruit canned in its own juice
Fresh or frozen berries
Vegetables Fresh, frozen, or canned (except for potatoes, which are high-glycemic
Protein foods Chicken
Lean beef
Dried or canned legumes
Lean deli meats
Fish or seafood