Steps to Help Maintain the Belly-Fat-Fighting Lifestyle

Write down your reasons to lose weight.

Take out a piece of paper, grab a pen, and ask yourself why you want to lose weight. And don’t just say to look better. Of course that’s part of it, but really think about this question.

What are all the reasons you want to lose weight? Is it to have more energy? To lower your blood pressure? To prevent heart disease or diabetes? To fit into an outfit you love? To help you keep up with your kids or grandkids? Or maybe to look and feel younger? Whatever your reasons, no matter how small or how ridiculous they may seem, write them all down!

After you have compiled your reasons for change, put this piece of paper somewhere you’ll almost always have it with you. You can store it in your wallet or purse, or you can even text it to your cellphone if that’s easier for you. Whatever you do, just make sure you have these reasons on hand at all times so you can take a look at them when you’re struggling to stick with your lifestyle choices.

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