Speaking Italian at Work

Speaking Italian at work doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you're looking for a job in an Italian-speaking country or just need to talk with coworkers there, you'll need to know some key words and phrases to help ease your way.

Equipment and supplies

Use the following words to describe typical equipment and supplies you'll find around the ufficio (office).

penna (pen)
matita (pencil)
gomma (eraser)
la sedia (chair)
il computer (computer)
banco; scrivania (desk)
carta (paper)
blocco per appunti (notepad)
la cartella (folder)
il telefono (telephone)
il sito web (Web site)
l'indirizzo web (Web address)
l'indirizzo email (e‑mail address)
un'email (an e‑mail)
l'allegati (attachment)
quaderno (notebook)

Colleagues and teams

There are many ways to refer to other people you work with. Whether you refer to your colleghi (masculine) colleghe (feminine) (coworkers) by the department they work in or their job title, the following words will come in handy in most business settings.

la segretaria (secretary)
l'assistente (assistant)
il manager; l'amministratore; il direttore (manager)
il capo; il dirigente (the boss)
il ragioniere (accountant)
ufficio compravendita (marketing)
ufficio legale (legal)
supporto tecnico (technical support)
pubblicità (advertising)
ufficio finanziario (financial)

You'll need to know the following words when scheduling meetings with your teammates.

calendario (calendar)
agenda (agenda)
la conferenza (conference)
la riunione (meeting)

Workday phrases

Try putting some of these terms together into some phrases that might come in handy at the office.

  • Buon giorno, io sono Teresa Picarazzi. (Hello, I'm Teresa Picarazzi.)

  • Ho un appuntamento con il signor Cottignoli. (I have an appointment with Mr. Cottignoli.)

  • Aspetti qui per favore. (Wait here, please.)

  • Avremo una conferenza telefonica alle quattordici. (We're going to have a conference call at 2.)

  • Può l'ufficio commerciale occuparsi della pubblicità? (Can we have marketing create the ad?)

  • L'ufficio vendite approva? (Do sales approve?)

  • Dov'è la sala conferenze? (Where is the conference room?)

  • Sediamoci e lavoriamoci/Mettiamoci al tavolino. (Let's sit down and work it out.)

  • La stampante non funziona. (The printer isn't working.)

  • Mandami un'e‑mail di conferma. (Send me an e‑mail to confirm.)

  • Cosa chiedi come stipendio? [Informal]; Cosa chiede come stipendio? [Formal] (What are your salary requirements?)

  • Per quale giornale scrive? [Formal] (What newspaper do you write for?)

  • Dov'è il tuo laboratorio? [Informal] (Where is your workshop?)

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