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Spanish Words for When You Need Help

Part of the Spanish For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Everyone needs a bit of help at times, and sometimes you need it quite urgently. Knowing these few words enables you to get attention should something bad happen.

Following are some basic distress-signalling words:

  • ¡Socorro! (soh-koh-rroh) (Help!)

  • ¡Auxilio! (ah-ook-see-leeoh) (Help!)

  • ¡Ayúda! (ah-yoo-dah) (Help me!)

  • ¡Rápido! (rah-pee-doh!) (Quick)

Here are useful Spanish words to know if you meet with fire, flood or some other disaster:

  • ¡Fuego! (fooeh-goh) (Fire!)

  • ¡Una Inundación! (oo-nah ee-noon-dah-thee-ohn) (Flooding!)

  • ¡Un Temblor! (oon tehm-blohr) (Earth tremor!)

  • ¡Un Terremoto! (oon teh-rreh-moh-toh) (Earthquake!)

When giving a warning, shout:

  • ¡Cuidado! (kooee-dah-doh) (Watch out!/Be careful!)

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Spanish For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)


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