Spanish Glossary: D

declare: To inform customs officials of any goods you’re carrying that may be taxable.

definite article: Any one of the words el, la, los, or las used as adjectives to point out a specific noun.

demonstrative adjective: An adjective that indicates or points out this, that, these, or those people, places, or things to which a speaker is referring.

demonstrative pronoun: Replaces a demonstrative adjective and its noun.

diminutive: 1. Small. 2. A word that has been altered with a suffix to indicate a degree of smallness, often ending with -ito or -ita.

diphthong: A complex vowel sound made by gliding from one vowel sound to the next within the same syllable.

direct object noun: A sentence element that answers the question, “Whom or what is the subject acting upon?” and may refer to people, places, things, or ideas.

direct object pronoun: Replaces a direct object noun and agrees with it in number and gender.

duty: A tax imposed on imports, exports, or manufactured goods.

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