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Consider the Sounds settings area of your iPad settings — found after you highlight General in the Settings list to the left — the iPad’s soundstage. There, you can turn audio alerts on or off for a variety of functions: new e-mail, sent mail, calendar and reminder alerts, and tweets. You can also decide whether you want to hear lock sounds and keyboard clicks.


On second- and third-generation iPads, you can alter the ringtone you hear for FaceTime calls and the text tones you hear for iMessages and tap a button to buy more tones if you’re not satisfied with those that Apple supplies. (Mac owners can create their own by using GarageBand.)To set a custom tone for individuals in the Contacts app, tap the Edit button and then either the Ringtone or Text Tone option.

To raise the decibel level of alerts, drag the volume slider to the right. Drag in the opposite direction to bring down the noise. An alternative way to adjust sound levels is to use the physical Volume buttons on the side of the iPad for this purpose, as long as you’re not already using the iPad’s iPod to listen to music or watch video.

You can enable and disable this feature with the Change with Buttons switch, right below the volume slider.

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