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SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard For Dummies

When you work with a SMART Board® interactive whiteboard, it helps if you know which series you have, because the features differ. Orienting your interactive whiteboard is critical so that all your touches and presses are tracked accurately. On most newer operating systems, you can interact with objects on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard and in SMART Notebookor SMART Meeting Pro software using gestures.

Identifying Your SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard System

There are many different types, models, and series of SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The features and functions of all of them are fairly similar, though some models have more functionality than others or behave slightly differently. It’s important to know which kind you have because each has its own specific features as well as user’s guides and other resources. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to figure out which kind you have.

There are two main types: the most widely used 600 series and the newer 800 series. The easiest way to tell which series you have is to look at the Pen Tray. If it has four pen slots, it’s a 600 series. If there are only two pen slots, it’s an 800 series. See Identifying Your Smart Board interactive whiteboard or interactive whiteboard system for more information.

The following images identify some of the basic buttons, lights, tools, and features on your interactive whiteboard to help you get to know your product and find your way around the items mentioned in the instructions.

Interactive whiteboard system features
Interactive whiteboard system features
600 series pen tray
600 series pen tray
800 series pen tray
800 series pen tray

Orienting Your SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard

Orienting your SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps it to track your touches and presses accurately. If you’ve moved or jostled your board, or you find that the cursor on the screen doesn’t line up with your touch correctly, it’s time to orient.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Orientation button on the Pen Tray (800 series) or the Right-Click and Keyboard buttons at the same time (600 series).

  2. The Orientation screen appears.

  3. Pick up a pen from the Pen Tray, and beginning at the upper-left corner of the screen, touch the center of the target firmly with the tip of the pen.

  4. When you remove the pen, the target moves to the next orientation point.

  5. Repeat Step 2 until you complete the orientation process.

    The Orientation screen
    The Orientation screen

Using Gestures with Your SMART Board® Interactive Whiteboard

On most of the newer models and software versions on computers with more recent operating systems, you can interact with objects on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard and in SMART Notebook software using the following gestures:

  • Swipes

  • Zoom in/enlarge

  • Zoom out/reduce

  • Flick

  • Rotate

  • Group

    Zoom in.
    Zoom in.
    Zoom out.
    Zoom out.
    Flick left.
    Flick left.
    Flick right.
    Flick right.
    Rotate around a center point.
    Rotate around a center point.
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