jargon: The specialized vocabulary and idioms of those in the same field of work.

jingle: A short, catchy tune used consistently by a business, mainly in broadcast ads, to create memorable impressions and to establish a sound associated with the advertiser’s brand identity, an outcome achieved by frequent play over a prolonged period.

job costing: Calculating of costs incurred to produce a specific job or order. An approach used by custom manufacturers of large-scale projects in the construction, motion picture, advertising, and ship-building industries, among others, that involves tracking direct costs for labor, materials, subcontractor fees, and equipment, and then combining them with indirect costs including overhead and other operational expenses. Finally, calculations are summarized in a trial balance before preparing the final statement or bill.

job sharing: An employment arrangement in which two people employed by the same business each work on a part-time basis to perform tasks usually undertaken by one full-time employee.

junk mail: Unsolicited, unwanted, impersonal, and often irrelevant promotional materials, usually mailed third class and addressed generically to “occupant” or “resident.”

just-in-time manufacturing: An inventory management and production control approach used by manufacturers that view warehoused inventory as a waste. This approach eliminates over-ordering, overproduction, and excess warehousing through systems assuring that only necessary materials are in the right place at the right time and in amounts precisely necessary to meet current manufacturing and market demands.