haggle: To bargain about the terms of an agreement or the price of a product or service.

handshake: A greeting that involves two people gripping and shaking each other's hand (usually the right hand).

headline: 1. (verb) To publicize widely or to be the main attraction of a performance. 2. (noun) The title or major introductory statement in an advertisement, usually appearing in type larger than any other in the ad and created with the intention to grab the attention of target audience members and convey a message that entices them to continue through the ad and to the desired call to action. 3. (noun) A heading in a newspaper set in larger type to introduce a story, photograph, or illustration.

high-context culture: A group of people who don't use a lot of verbally explicit communication and have strong boundaries that define "outsiders" to the group.

home page: The first page of a Web site and the page that automatically loads when a URL is entered into a Web browser or when a site visitor selects “Home” from any page within the site, typically serving as an introduction to a site and its contents.

hook: An emotional trigger in a piece of advertising that attracts buyers by appealing to their self-image and affirming that your business provides what they're looking for.

hors d’oeuvre: A small portion of a food served as an appetizer before a meal or at a cocktail party.