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Shortcut Keys for Layers in Photoshop 6

Part of the Photoshop 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The ability to add layers to images is a fun feature of Photoshop 6. The following table tells you how to access a new layer and move selections between layers, and generally shows you how to navigate through layers with the touch of a few keys. Identify the action and find the keys that accomplish it for the system you use.

Action PC Mac
New layer Ctrl+Shift+N Apple command key+Shift+N
Clone selection to a new layer Ctrl+J Apple command key+J
Cut selection to a new layer Ctrl+Shift+J Apple command key+Shift+J
Change opacity of layer in 10% increments 1, ... , 9, 0 1, ... , 9, 0
Activate layer that contains specific image Ctrl+click Apple command key+click with Move tool
Activate next layer up Alt+] Option+]
Activate next layer down Alt+[ Option+[
Hide all layers but one Alt+click on eyeball Option+click on eyeball
Show all layers Alt+click on eyeball Option+click on eyeball
Select the contents of active layer Ctrl+click on layer name in Layers palette Apple command key+click on layer name in Layers palette
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