Share Excel 2013 Workbooks Saved on Your SkyDrive

Click the Type Names or E-Mail Addresses text box and then begin typing the e-mail address of the first person with whom you want to share the workbook.

As you type, Excel matches the letters with the names and e-mail addresses entered in your Address book. When it finds possible matches, they are displayed in a drop-down menu, and you can select the person’s e-mail address by clicking his or her name in the list.

To find e-mail addresses in your Address list and add them to this text box, click the Search the Address Book for Contacts button (to the immediate left of the Can Edit drop-down list box) and then use the options in the Address Book: Global Address List dialog box. To share the workbook with multiple people, type a semicolon (;) after each e-mail address you add to this text box.

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