masturbation: Sexually pleasuring oneself without the aid of another person.

meatus: The opening of the glans.

menarche: A girl’s first menstrual period.

menopause: The period of time when a woman goes through the changes associated with the end of her egg supply (including the end of menstruation and of producing female hormones); also known as “the change of life.”

menstruation; menstrual cycle: The monthly process of releasing eggs in preparation for possible pregnancy in a female’s body.

mini-laparoscopy: Common form of female sterilization done using a small instrument inserted through a small incision within 48 hours of giving birth; see tubal ligation.

missed orgasm: When the body goes through all the physical manifestations of an orgasm but the woman doesn’t really feel it.

missionary position; male-superior position: Most common sexual position, wherein the woman lies on bottom and the man lies on top while facing her.

Molluscum contagiosum: Sexually transmitted virus; treatable.

mons pubis; mons veneris: A layer of fatty tissue that lies above the female’s pubic bone.

mutual masturbation: Using masturbation methods on a sexual partner, usually to climax; often done in lieu of sexual intercourse.