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Set Up Your Camera for Lensbaby

Lensbaby does not make an auto-focus lens, which means your all-singing, all-dancing camera will be as blind as a bat. You’ll have to manually focus the lens to get an image that has a sharp sweet spot of focus. And if you don’t have something in focus, no one will want to look at your image, no matter how cool you think it looks.

Because you have to manually focus a Lensbaby, the trick to getting good photos with the lens is having a viewfinder that is adjusted for your eyesight. Most cameras have a diopter adjustment that you use to fine-tune the viewfinder, which ensures you’ll be able to manually focus and have a crystal-clear sweet spot of focus.

To adjust your camera for a Lensbaby, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to a single auto-focus point.

  2. Put a lens other than the Lensbaby on your camera.

  3. Point the camera at a blank wall and turn the diopter adjustment until the auto-focus point is sharp and clear.

    On most digital SLRs, the diopter adjustment is a small knob beside the viewfinder. Your viewfinder is now adjusted to your eyesight, and you’ll get a sharp sweet spot of focus when you manually focus your Lensbaby.

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