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Set Up Web-Based E-mail on an Android Phone

The Android Email app, which might be called Mail, is used to connect to non-Gmail electronic mail, such as the standard mail service provided by your Internet service provider (ISP) or a web-based e-mail system such as Yahoo! Mail or Microsoft Live mail.

Regardless of the app, electronic mail on your phone works identically on your computer: You can receive mail, create new messages, forward mail, send messages to a group of contacts, and work with attachments, for example. As long as your phone has a data connection, e-mail works just peachy.

To access any non-Gmail e-mail account, you need to configure your Android phone. The process is easy for web-based e-mail accounts such as Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail; follow these general steps to set things up:

  1. Open an app to add a new account to your phone.

    You can add a new account in several ways:

    • Start the My Accounts app. It may be found on the App menu. The app might also be named Accounts.

    • Choose the Accounts or Accounts & Sync item in the Settings app. You can start the Settings app from the App menu; or at the Home screen, press the Menu soft button and choose Settings.

    • Open the Mail app. When the app is open, press the Menu soft button and choose the New Account command. (You may need to choose the More command first and then New Account.)

  2. Touch the Add Account button.

  3. If your account type is shown in the list, such as Yahoo! Mail, choose it. Otherwise, choose the Email icon.

  4. Type your account’s e-mail address.

  5. Type the password for the account.

  6. If you see the option Automatically Configure Account, ensure that a green check mark appears next to it.

  7. Touch the Next button.

    In a few magical moments, the e-mail account is configured and added to the account list.

    If you goofed up the account name or password, you’re warned: Try again.

  8. Touch the Done button.

    The account is added to the list on the My Accounts screen.

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