landing page : The Web page that a visitor first goes to when clicking on an ad in a search engine.

link bait : Content that is created for the purpose of attracting attention and links to a Web site. Link bait is an accelerated version of a link magnet.

link equity : The perceived-expertise value of all the inbound links pointing to a Web page.

link farm : A network of Web sites that hyperlink to all the other sites in the group. Link farms are built for the express purpose of driving up link popularity.

link magnets : Elements on a Web site that are built in such a way that people naturally want to link to them. People happen upon the site, find the link magnet, and decide that it’s relevant and worthy of a link, so they create a link to the content on that site.

link request : An e-mail or other contact with someone that asks for them to link to a Web site.

local search engine : A search engine specializing in Web sites that are tied to a limited physical area (also known as a geotargeted area).

Local Shared Object (LSO) : Similar to a cookie, an LSO is a text file that can be read only by the Web site creating it. Browsers and anti-spyware programs can't delete them, and most users don't know how.

Long Tail : A statistical concept that says that items that are in comparatively low demand can nonetheless add up to quite large volumes.

Long-Tail search queries : Keywords, or search queries, made up of several words or a phrase.