cache : The stored version of a Web page.

canonical site : In the case of Web sites with duplicate content, the site the Webmaster prefers visitors and search engines to access. The primary, main Web site.

CGI : An acronym for Common Gateway Interface.

chiclet : A Web icon or link that can be clicked to submit or “vote for” an article on a particular social news or bookmarking site.

click map : A report that overlays Web pages on a site and indicates, on a per-page basis, which links visitors are clicking on to go to other pages on the site. Often, the most clicked-on links are bigger, have a richer color, or a note indicating how many clicks the link received.

click-through rate (CTR) : The frequency (number of times) that an Internet ad is clicked on.

cloaking : A technique in which the content of a Web page presented to a search engine spider is different than that presented to a user’s browser; as a result, the spiders see one page, while the user sees something entirely different.

CMS : An acronym for Content Management System.

community building : Managing an organization’s reputation and building their brand via social networks.

concatenate : Run words together without spaces.

Content Management System (CMS) : Software that helps you create, edit, and manage a Web site.

content siloing : A technique of organizing a Web site into subject themes by linking related pages together.

content stacking : Writing the HTML for a Web site in such a way that the page content is delivered to the search engine spiders before any scripts or navigation elements.

content syndication : Distribution of a Web site’s content to other sites.

conversion : An action taken by a Web site visitor that meets the sales or business goal of that site. This is also a term for site visitors who become customers.

conversion funnel : The path that a visitor to a Web site takes to perform a desired action, most commonly a purchase.

conversion metrics : Basic processes on a Web site that can be measured to determine whether visitors are performing desired actions, or abandoning the site.

conversion rate : The number of visitors who actually purchase something, sign up, or take whatever action is appropriate on a Web site.

cookie : A small text file that a Web server automatically assigns to a user's browser; cookies are used to track, authenticate, and maintain specific information about users.

cost-per-click : The amount an advertiser pays each time their Web ad is clicked on a search engine results page.

country-code top level domain (ccTLD) : The last part of an Internet domain name; specifically, the letters that follow the final dot of any domain name. A country-code TLD is specific to a particular country, such as .ca, .cn, .uk, or .mx.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) : A separate file that is used to control formatting of text and images on a Web site.