backlink : An incoming link to a Web page from another site.

bad neighborhood: A Web site that has been banished from a search engine index because they were caught spamming or using other sneaky methods to fool the search engines into giving them a better ranking.

bandwidth : The rate at which data moves from one point to another over an Internet connection.

behavioral search engine : A search engine that tries to guess what exactly a user is looking for based upon their previous search inquiries.

blacklist; IP blacklist : A list of sites suspected of illegal acts such as child pornography, e-mail spam, or hacking.

blended search : The integration of different content types onto a search results page, such as images, videos, news, blogs, books, maps, and so on.

blog : Short for ‘Web log.’ An online conversation medium used to cover a wide range of subjects, including entertainment, politics, fashion, lifestyles, and technology. A blog can be anything from a personal journal to a media and corporate platform for describing new products and services.

bounce rate : A measure of the percentage of people who leave a Web site right after entering a page on that site, usually within seconds and without visiting any other page on the site.

branding : Establishing a company name and associating it with that business; well-known examples include Nike and Xerox.

browser plug-in : A software application that enhances a Web browser’s existing features.