If you want to change your entire digital photo, most programs allow you to select all pixels in your picture. You can select (or deselect) the whole image in a number of ways, depending on what program you’re using:

  • Use a tool. In some entry-level photo editors, you simply click the image with a particular selection tool, usually called a Pick tool or Arrow tool. Click once to select; click again to deselect.

  • Select a menu command. Look on the menu that holds the selection commands for a Select All command or something similar. You can probably also find a Select None or Deselect command that gets rid of an existing selection outline.

  • Press the keyboard shortcut. For the quickest route to whole-image selection, use the universal keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+A in Windows and command+A on a Mac.

    Some programs also provide a shortcut for deselecting everything. In Elements, press Ctrl+D (Windows) or command+D (Mac).