If you use the wrong type of needle for your sewing machine and project, the results could be very bad indeed. Use this table to determine which needle is designed for use in your sewing machine and for your project.

Needle Point Classification Needle Point Type and Use
15 x 1H (American); 130/705H (European) Multi-purpose or Universal: Used for most fabrics for general sewing
Blue Tip (American); 130/705HS (European); 130/705HPS (Pfaff); Q Needle (Sears); Singer 2045 Stretch: Used for knits and microfibers and designed to prevent skipped stitches and snagging
15 x 1DE (American) Denim or Jeans: A sharp needle designed for sewing heavier fabrics
130/705HJ (European) Tightly woven fabrics, such as heavy corduroy, denim, and upholstery fabrics