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Seek Legal Advice in the UK for Certain Situations

Part of the UK Law and Your Rights For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Obtaining legal advice is going to be a necessity for you in certain situations in the UK. Here is a list of situations in which it makes sense for you to seek advice:

  • You’re involved in a dispute with your employer.

  • You and your spouse or partner are splitting up.

  • You may lose your driving licence for a traffic offence.

  • You’re in debt and could lose your home.

  • Your builder has botched up the job but won’t put it right.

  • You’ve bought something faulty, but the shop won’t return your money.

  • You’re buying or selling your property.

  • You need to make a will.

  • You’ve committed an offence that can land you in prison.

  • You want to claim compensation for a personal injury.

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UK Law and Your Rights For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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