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You can use the Snapshot tool in Adobe Acrobat CS5 to select both text and images and create a picture of a certain area within a PDF file. The result is commonly referred to as a screen grab of a section within a PDF file. The result is an image, and your text is no longer editable.

To use the Snapshot tool, choose Tools→Select & Zoom→Snapshot Tool. You then have two options.

  • After you select the Snapshot tool, click anywhere in the page. The snapshot tool automatically captures everything displayed on the screen.

  • After you select the Snapshot tool, click and drag a rectangle around an area of the page.

You can include text and images. The area you’ve selected will be saved to the Clipboard so that you can paste it into another document.

The Snapshot tool remains active so that you can keep selecting areas and saving them to the Clipboard. However, the previous selection in your Clipboard is deleted when you make a new selection. So, make certain you’ve pasted a selection into your other document before you make a new selection.

You have to select another tool to deactivate the Snapshot tool.

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