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From SAS For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Stephen McDaniel, Chris Hemedinger

SAS Institute has hundreds of SAS products, so a partial list of the ones you might run will help you know which one to use for your job. The tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office create SAS programs that call on SAS procedures. Having a list of those procedures and being able to find them quickly in SAS Enterprise Guide will boost your efficiency.

Selecting the Correct SAS Product

SAS Institute offers hundreds of SAS products, and sometimes it's difficult to decide which tool you should use for your work. Here is a partial list of SAS products you might encounter and who uses them for what purpose. As a SAS customer, you might use just one of these products or a few of them; if you're really lucky, you might use them all.

SAS, or the SAS System

The SAS System is the original SAS product that customers have used in one form or another for more than 30 years, on systems ranging from big mainframes to laptops. It's also known as Display Manager (the name of the windowing interface), or Base SAS, or just plain old SAS. The SAS System is primarily a tool for people comfortable with writing SAS programs. It contains the data processing and analytics engine that is at the core of most SAS products.

SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS Enterprise Guide provides a modern, easy-to-use interface to much of the power of SAS. SAS Enterprise Guide is used by SAS programmers, business analysts (who might or might not have programming skills), and statisticians. It’s a Microsoft Windows application that can connect to SAS; you can use it to drive the SAS analytics engine running on a mainframe, UNIX, or other remote machines as a server application. SAS Enterprise Guide is like a general store for SAS, where you can get a little bit of everything that SAS has to offer.

SAS Data Integration Studio

SAS Data Integration Studio is used to create and maintain data warehouses and data marts, which are specialized stores of data that have been prepared for effective reporting and analytics. Data experts, such as database administrators and IT specialists — people who support other folks who have to create reports — use SAS Data Integration Studio. Like SAS Enterprise Guide, this is a client application that runs on your desktop and provides an intuitive user interface, but it can connect to SAS and databases that run on machines all over your organization.

SAS Enterprise Miner

SAS Enterprise Miner is used for data mining, or investigating patterns in large amounts of data. Statisticians and professional modelers use SAS Enterprise Miner to segment data and create descriptive or predictive models. For example, a bank might use such a model to predict how likely you are to respond to a certain credit card offering. If your data profile is similar enough to others who have responded to similar offers, SAS Enterprise Miner would produce a model that indicates you're worth sending the offer to. Hello, Platinum card!

SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

Some people spend most of their working days working with a Microsoft Office application such as Excel or PowerPoint. SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office lets you open SAS data sources and run SAS analyses without ever having to leave the comfy world of your spreadsheet or slideshow. SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office is used by business analysts who don't really need to know anything about SAS programming but need the answers that SAS can provide.

SAS Web Report Studio

All business intelligence software vendors must have a Web-based reporting product, and SAS Web Report Studio fits that bill. SAS Web Report Studio allows you to create and distribute reports to anyone who needs them, all without leaving your Web browser.

SAS Forecast Studio

SAS Forecast Studio analyzes time-based data and forecasting future trends and events. It's like a crystal ball, only better! SAS Forecast Studio is used by professional modelers or statisticians who understand concepts such as seasonality and intermittent demand models. However, no SAS programming is required!


JMP is a standalone, highly visual analytics product. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, or Linux-based computers. JMP is sometimes packaged with SAS and can work with other SAS products, but most often it's used by researchers, engineers, and quality-control experts who want advanced analytics without a big software footprint.

SAS Procedures and Their Location in SAS Enterprise Guide

The tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office cover a wide range of SAS capabilities. These SAS tasks are easy-to-use interfaces that create SAS programs to do their work. The programs call on SAS procedures, where each procedure represents a specialized capability. And to make it even more interesting, SAS (the company) provides these procedures in product bundles, which must be separately licensed for customers to use them. With all of this at work, it can be tricky to keep track of which tasks use which procedures that need which SAS products.

The following table lays it all out for you: all the tasks, how to find them in the menu, which procedures they use, and which SAS products are involved.

Task Menu Location SAS Procedures SAS Products
Import Data (Excel) File→Import Data DATA step; IMPORT Base SAS
Open Information Map File→Open DATA step Base SAS
Linear Models Tasks→ANOVA GLM SAS/STAT
Nonparametric One-Way ANOVA Tasks→ANOVA NPAR1WAY SAS/STAT
CDF Plots Tasks→Capability CAPABILITY SAS/QC
Histograms Tasks→Capability CAPABILITY SAS/QC
P-P Plots Tasks→Capability CAPABILITY SAS/QC
Probability Plots Tasks→Capability CAPABILITY SAS/QC
Q-Q Plots Tasks→Capability CAPABILITY SAS/QC
Box Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
c Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
Individual Measurements Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
Mean and Range Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
Mean and Standard Deviation Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
np Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
p Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
u Chart Tasks→Control Charts SHEWHART SAS/QC
Append Table Tasks→Data SQL Base SAS
Compare Data Tasks→Data COMPARE Base SAS
Create Format Tasks→Data FORMAT Base SAS
Data Set Attributes Tasks→Data DATASETS Base SAS
Delete Data Sets and Formats Tasks→Data DELETE Base SAS
Download Data Files to PC Tasks→Data SQL Base SAS
Filter and Sort Tasks→Data SQL Base SAS
Query Builder Tasks→Data SQL Base SAS
Random Sample Tasks→Data SURVEYSELECT SAS/STAT
Rank Tasks→Data RANK Base SAS
Sort Data Tasks→Data SORT Base SAS
Split Columns Tasks→Data TRANSPOSE Base SAS
Stack Columns Tasks→Data TRANSPOSE Base SAS
Standardize Data Tasks→Data STANDARD Base SAS
Table Analysis Tasks→Data FREQ Base SAS
Transpose Tasks→Data TRANSPOSE Base SAS
Upload Data to SAS Server Tasks→Data SQL Base SAS
Import from SPSS Tasks→Data IMPORT SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC File Formats
Import from JMP Tasks→Data IMPORT SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC File Formats
Import from Stata Tasks→Data IMPORT SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC File Formats
Characterize Data Wizard Tasks→Describe CONTENTS; UNIVARIATE; FREQ SAS/STAT
Distribution Analysis Tasks→Describe UNIVARIATE SAS/STAT
List Data Tasks→Describe PRINT Base SAS
List Report Tasks→Describe REPORT Base SAS
One-Way Frequencies Tasks→Describe FREQ Base SAS
Summary Statistics Tasks→Describe MEANS Base SAS
Summary Tables Tasks→Describe TABULATE Base SAS
Area Plot Tasks→Graph GPLOT SAS/GRAPH
Bar Chart Tasks→Graph GCHART SAS/GRAPH
Bar-Line Chart Tasks→Graph GBARLINE SAS/GRAPH
Box Plot Tasks→Graph GPLOT SAS/GRAPH
Bubble Plot Tasks→Graph GPLOT SAS/GRAPH
Contour Plot Tasks→Graph GCONTOUR SAS/GRAPH
Create Map Feature Table Tasks→Graph GPROJECT SAS/GRAPH
Donut Chart Tasks→Graph GCHART SAS/GRAPH
Line Plot Tasks→Graph GPLOT SAS/GRAPH
Map Graph Tasks→Graph GMAP SAS/GRAPH
Pie Chart Tasks→Graph GCHART SAS/GRAPH
Radar Chart Tasks→Graph GRADAR SAS/GRAPH
Scatter Plot Tasks→Graph GPLOT; G3D SAS/GRAPH
Surface Plot Tasks→Graph G3D SAS/GRAPH
Tile Chart Tasks→Graph GTILE SAS/GRAPH
Model Scoring Tasks→Model Scoring NONE SAS Enterprise Miner
Canonical Correlation Tasks→Multivariate CANCORR SAS/STAT
Cluster Analysis Tasks→Multivariate CLUSTER, TREE, FASTCLUS SAS/STAT
Correlations Tasks→Multivariate CORR Base SAS
Discriminant Analysis Tasks→Multivariate DISCRIM SAS/STAT
Factor Analysis Tasks→Multivariate FACTOR SAS/STAT
Principal Components Tasks→Multivariate PRINCOMP SAS/STAT
Pareto Chart Tasks→Pareto PARETO SAS/QC
Generalized Linear Models Tasks→Regression GENMOD SAS/STAT
Linear Regression Tasks→Regression REG SAS/STAT
Logistic Regression Tasks→Regression LOGISTIC SAS/STAT
Nonlinear Regression Tasks→Regression NLIN SAS/STAT
Life Tables Tasks→Survival Analysis LIFETEST SAS/ETS
Proportional Hazards Tasks→Survival Analysis PHREG SAS/ETS
ARIMA Modeling and Forecasting Tasks→Time Series ARIMA SAS/ETS
Basic Forecasting Tasks→Time Series FORECAST SAS/ETS
Create Time Series Data Tasks→Time Series TIMESERIES SAS/ETS
Forecast Studio Create Project Wizard Tasks→Time Series Forecast Studio SAS Forecast Server
Forecast Studio Open Project Wizard Tasks→Time Series Forecast Studio SAS Forecast Server
Forecast Studio Override Wizard Tasks→Time Series Forecast Studio SAS Forecast Server
Prepare Time Series Data Tasks→Time Series EXPAND SAS/ETS
Regression Analysis of Panel Data Tasks→Time Series TSCSREG SAS/ETS
Regression Analysis with Autoregressive Errors Tasks→Time Series AUTOREG SAS/ETS
Update Library Metadata Tools METALIB Base SAS
Assign Project Library Tools LIBNAME Base SAS
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