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If you click the Budget Actions button (which appears in the upper-right corner of the Budgets window), Quicken 2012 displays a menu with seven commands useful for working with your budgets:

  • Advanced Budget: Displays the Advanced Budget Setup window so you can fine-tune individual budget amounts in the current budget.

  • Edit Budget Name: Displays a text box you can use to change the name of the budget.

  • Use historical values for past months: This command is a switch that tells Quicken to use actual historical values for past months' budgeted amounts. If the "historical values" switch is on, Quicken marks the command with a check.

  • Budget Reports: Displays a submenu that lists the two Quicken reports that summarize budgeting information: Budget Report and Monthly Budget Report. These reports are also available on the Reports menu.

  • Delete This Budget: Deletes the currently displayed budget.

  • Duplicate This Budget: Creates a copy of the currently displayed budget and then prompts you to give the copy a name.

  • Create New Budget: Displays the Create A New Budget dialog box so you can begin the process of creating yet another budget either automatically or using the Advanced Budget Setup window.

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