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Reciting the Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish and English alphabets are almost identical, with just a few exceptions. The Spanish alphabet includes all of the letters in the English alphabet but it adds ñ (eh-nyeh), and sometimes the double letters ch (cheh), ll (ye), and rr (a trilled r) are treated as one letter.

When you’re speaking to a native Spanish speaker, correct pronunciation is key to avoiding misunderstandings. The names of the letters in Spanish are pronounced one way, while they have their own sounds within a word (the sounds within a word are generally the same sounds as in English).

Here is the Spanish alphabet and how to say the individual letters:

  • a (ah)

  • b (bveh)

  • c (seh)

  • d (deh)

  • e (eh)

  • f (eh-feh)

  • g (Heh)

  • h (ah-cheh)

  • i (ee)

  • j (Hoh-tah)

  • k (kah)

  • l (eh-leh)

  • m (eh-meh)

  • n (eh-neh)

  • ñ (eh-nyeh)

  • o (oh)

  • p (peh)

  • q (koo)

  • r (eh-reh)

  • s (eh-seh)

  • t (teh)

  • u (oo)

  • v (bveh)

  • w (doh-bleh bveh) (bveh doh-bvleh [Spain])

  • x (eh-kees)

  • y (ee-gree-eh-gah)

  • z (seh-tah)

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