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Recall and Delete GeoMaster Files on the TI-84 Plus

To recall a GeoMaster file previously saved in memory on the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, select Open File from GeoMaster’s File menu by pressing [Y=][2] if the Menu bar is visible or [GRAPH][Y=][2] if it is not. Then press the number of the file you want to recall.

To delete a GeoMaster file from the memory of the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Press [2nd][+][2] to enter the Memory manager.

    It may take a few seconds for the Memory manager to appear.

  2. Repeatedly use


    until the cursor is to the left of AppVars, and then press [ENTER].

  3. Repeatedly use


    until the cursor is to the left of the file you want to delete and press [DEL].

  4. Press [2] if you really want to delete the file; press [1] if you chicken out about deleting the file from memory.

The Clear All command in GeoMaster’s File menu erases all objects on the screen. It is equivalent to starting a new file without saving your work. But be warned, GeoMaster does not have an undo feature. So if you clear the screen, what was on the screen is gone for good. To select Clear All from the File menu, press [Y=][5] if the Menu bar is visible or [GRAPH][Y=][5] if it is not.

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