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Quit GeoMaster on the TI-84 Plus Calculator

You can use either a clean way or a dirty way of quitting the GeoMaster application on the TI-84 Plus calculator. The clean way truly terminates GeoMaster, without saving your work; the dirty way leaves GeoMaster running in the background. When you re-start GeoMaster after a dirty exit, your work will be the way you left it — provided you don’t run any other applications in the interim.

Before performing a clean exit from GeoMaster, you may want to save your work since this type of exit eradicates anything that you have not saved. A clean exit is achieved by using the Quit command in GeoMaster’s File menu ([Y=][6][1]).

A dirty exit, which leaves GeoMaster running in the background, is achieved by pressing [2nd][MODE] or any other key combination that sends you elsewhere — such as [MODE] which sends you to the Mode menu. After performing a dirty exit, you re-enter GeoMaster by pressing [GRAPH] or [APPS][2]. To reinstate the menu headings at the bottom of the screen, press [GRAPH] or [ALPHA].

When you start GeoMaster, the application removes the highlights from all equal signs in the Y= editor so that no function will be graphed when you press the [GRAPH] key to, for example, display GeoMaster’s menu bar. It also resets the viewing window. When you exit GeoMaster, the application leaves all the equal signs in the Y= editor not highlighted and does not return the viewing window to its previous settings.

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