Quicken 2012 offers a lot of features to help the small business owner or entrepreneur. Business reports is a grouping of various reports, such as Cash Flow and Profit & Loss that offer you a snapshot of how your business is doing. To see the individual reports in this group, click the Reports command and then select the report group from the Reports menu.

Quicken Business Reports
Report Description
Accounts Payable Summarizes the vendor bills you’ve recorded but not yet paid.
Accounts Receivable Summarizes unpaid customer invoices.
Balance Sheet Reports on account balances at a point in time. If you’ve set up all your business assets and liabilities in Quicken, this account balances report works as a business balance sheet.
Cash Flow Summarizes the money flowing into and out of business accounts by income and expense categories and by account transfers.
Cash Flow Comparison Compares cash flows by category totals from two periods.
Missing Checks Lists all the business checks you’ve written and flags any gaps in the check number sequence.
Payroll Summarizes transactions that use payroll in the category name.
Profit And Loss Comparison Compares one period’s income and expense with a previous period’s income and expense.
Profit And Loss Statement Summarizes a business’s revenues and expenses for a particular period of time.
Project/Job By Business Tag Shows income and expenses by business tag.
Project/Job By Project Shows income and expenses by job or project.
Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business Displays profit and loss data by business, which is what you need to complete the Schedule C tax form(s).
Tax Schedule Shows all the individual transactions for each business income amount and deduction amount reported on your Schedule C tax form.