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Promote or Demote Paragraphs in PowerPoint 2007

Promoting a paragraph in PowerPoint moves it up one level in the outline. To promote a paragraph, on your PowerPoint slide, place the cursor in the paragraph and then press Shift+Tab or click the Decrease List Level button in the Paragraph group.

Demoting a paragraph moves it down one level in the outline. To demote a paragraph, place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph and then press the Tab key or click the Increase List Level button in the Paragraph group. You can’t promote a slide title. Slide title is the highest rank in the outline hierarchy. If you demote a slide title, the entire slide is subsumed into the preceding slide. In other words, the slide title becomes a main point in the preceding slide.

You can promote or demote paragraphs by using the mouse. When you move the cursor over a bullet (or the Slide button), the pointer changes from a single arrow to a four-cornered arrow. Click to select the entire paragraph (and any subordinate paragraphs). Then, use the mouse to promote or demote a paragraph along with all its subordinates by dragging the selected paragraph left or right.

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