Looking for some quick tips to help make your presentation or speech that little bit easier? Take a look at these handy pointers and ensure that your preparation leads to optimum delivery.

  1. Resist agreeing to make a presentation or speech that you don’t want to make. Ask for time to think about the request – do you have the expertise to speak on the topic and the time to prepare well for it?

  2. Organise your information in a straightforward, logical pattern that the audience can easily understand.

  3. Use a mix of types of material – examples, stories, statistics, quotes – to maintain audience interest.

  4. Use your introduction to set the audience’s expectations.

  5. Have a special conclusion ready that you can go straight into if you run out of time. Never omit a conclusion.

  6. Anticipate the questions you may be asked and have answers ready.

  7. Practise, practise, practise your presentation or speech out loud as many times as you can.