ScreenTip: An explanatory word or two that appears when you move the pointer over a link.

shape fill: The color that fills in an object.

slide animations: The commands that add movement to individual objects on a slide.

Slide layout: A sample slide with one or more placeholders. For example, a slide that uses the Title layout has two placeholders for text objects: one for the title and the other for the subtitle. You use this as the starting place for creating your own slide.

slide library: A special type of document library on a SharePoint server that’s designed not to store whole documents, but individual slides.

Slide Sorter View: A PowerPoint view that enables you to see an overall view of your presentation.

slide transitions: The on-screen effects as one slide changes to the next one during a PowerPoint presentation. Slide transitions can make your slides fade in and out, push each other off-screen, or open and close like blinds.

smart tag: Labels that appear on your slides. You can click a smart tag to reveal a menu.

SmartArt: PowerPoint feature that enables you to create diagrams, organizational charts, and other graphical objects for your presentations.

split: To divide a single cell into several cells (or several cells into several more cells).

Status bar: The bar at the bottom of the screen which tells you which slide is currently displayed.