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Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2010 For Dummies

From PowerPoint 2010 For Dummies by Doug Lowe

PowerPoint 2010 is the most powerful presentation software available to create and edit slide show presentations for work, home, or school. With PowerPoint, you can create and edit presentations on your computer and then output the presentations to your computer’s monitor or a projector and print slide handouts and speaker notes. You can even deliver the presentation over the Internet to anyone who has a computer and an Internet connection.

PowerPoint 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

PowerPoint 2010 offers a number of helpful keyboard shortcuts for performing tasks quickly. Here are some shortcuts for common PowerPoint formatting, editing, and file and document tasks. Additionally, after you’ve created your masterpiece, you can use a number of shortcuts when running your slideshow.

PowerPoint 2010 Formatting Shortcuts
Command Shortcut Ribbon Location
Bold Ctrl+B Home tab, Font group
Italic Ctrl+I Home tab, Font group
Underline Ctrl+U Home tab, Font group
Center Ctrl+E Home tab, Paragraph group
Left Align Ctrl+L Home tab, Paragraph group
Right Align Ctrl+R Home tab, Paragraph group
Justify Ctrl+J Home tab, Paragraph group
Normal Ctrl+spacebar Home tab, Paragraph group
PowerPoint 2010 Editing Shortcuts
Command Shortcut Ribbon Location
Undo Ctrl+Z Quick Access toolbar
Cut Ctrl+X Home tab, Clipboard group
Copy Ctrl+C Home tab, Clipboard group
Paste Ctrl+V Home tab, Clipboard group
Select All Ctrl+A Home tab, Editing group
Find Ctrl+F Home tab, Editing group
Replace Ctrl+H Home tab, Editing group
PowerPoint 2010 File and Document Shortcuts
Command Keys Ribbon Location
New Ctrl+N File tab, New command
Open Ctrl+O File tab, Open command
Save Ctrl+S File tab, Save command
Print Ctrl+P File tab, Print command
Help F1 Help button at top right of Ribbon
New Slide Ctrl+M Home tab, New Slide command
PowerPoint 2010 Slide Show Shortcuts
To Do This . . . Use This . . .
Start a slide show F5
Advance to the next slide N
Perform the next animation Enter, Page Down, right arrow, down arrow, or spacebar
Go back to the previous slide P
Repeat the previous animation Page Up, left arrow, up arrow, or Backspace
Go to a specific slide Type the slide number and then press Enter
Display a black screen B
Display a white screen W
End a slide show Esc
Go to the next hidden slide H
Display a pen cursor Ctrl+P
Display an arrow cursor Ctrl+A
Hide the cursor Ctrl+H

PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon Commands

Are you lost in the Ribbon? If you’ve recently upgraded from PowerPoint 2003, using the PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon to perform common PowerPoint operations may be challenging at first. To make your transition easier, here are the PowerPoint 2010 equivalent commands for common PowerPoint 2003 menu commands.

Word 2003 Command Equivalent PowerPoint 2010 Command
File→New File→New
File→Save File→Save
File→Package for CD File→Save & Send→Package Presentation for CD
File→Page Setup Design tab, Page Setup group
Edit→Undo Quick Access toolbar, Undo
View→Master→Slide Master View tab, Presentation Views group, Slide Master
Insert→Slide Home tab, Slides group, New Slide
Insert→Picture→Clip Art Insert tab, Images group, Clip Art
Insert→Picture→From File Insert tab, Images group, Picture
Format→Font Home tab, Font group
Format→Paragraph Home tab, Paragraph group
Slide Show→Slide Transition Transitions tab, Transition to This Slide group
File→New File→New
File→Save File→Save
File→Package for CD File→Publish→Package for CD
File→Page Setup Design tab, Page Setup group
Edit→Undo Quick Access toolbar, Undo
View→Master→Slide Master View tab, Presentation Views group, Slide Master
Insert→Slide Home tab, Slides group, Add Slide
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