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Pinups are an important cause marketing tool, which is why they are a key focus of your point-of-sale program. They should be on your shortlist of programs for many reasons:

  • Pinups are easy. Well, pinups are easy when compared to other tactics, such as planning a walk, coordinating a gala, or organizing a golf tournament. After you have a partner aboard, you design and print a pinup and then deliver it to the retailer who sells it at checkout.

    Now you may go back to the store to deliver more pinups if the program is really successful. Or visit again to pick up your check. This is the kind of work you’ll like doing!

  • Pinups are lucrative. Some of the most successful cause marketing campaigns are pinup programs. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Thanks and Giving program raises millions with its green, round pinup.

    The Jimmy Fund in Boston boasts a very successful pinup program with supermarket chain Stop & Shop that has raised more than $50 million since 1991. One cause marketing partner, Ocean State Job Lot, a discount retailer with 100 locations in New England, hit the million-dollar mark in 2011 for dollars raised through pinups over seven years.

  • Pinups are cost-effective. Pinups aren’t free, but they’re not expensive either. Pinups, depending on design and printing, have ranged from just a few pennies per pinup to up to 13 cents for ones that were die-cut and included coupons.

  • Pinups play well with others. Pinups are very versatile. They go well with events, co-marketing partnerships, and social media.

  • Pinups are great promotion. The visual display of pinups hanging at the front of the store is a powerful sign of both the business and the consumer’s commitment to the cause. Individual pinups can include sponsor or event information that can be torn off and given to the customer with their donation.

    The visual display pinups create in a business is powerful and gratifying.
    The visual display pinups create in a business is powerful and gratifying.
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