Photoshop keyboard shortcuts help you edit photographs quickly. Work with layers and selections, on a Macintosh or in Windows, with these shortcuts and cut, copy, paste, deselect, and adjust all you want.

Windows Macintosh
Add to selection Shift-drag Shift-drag
Deselect from a selection Alt-drag Option-drag
Deselect all but intersected area Shift-Alt-drag Shift-Option-drag
Deselect Ctrl-D Command-D
Reselect last selection Ctrl-Shift-D Command-Shift-D
Select everything on current layer Ctrl-A Command-A
Hide selection outline Ctrl-H Command-H
Cut selection Ctrl-X Command-X
Copy selection Ctrl-C Command-C
Paste last cut or copied image Ctrl-V Command-V
Paste into a selection Ctrl-Shift-V Command-Shift-V
Adjust levels Ctrl-L Command-L
Adjust hue or saturation Ctrl-U Command-U
Adjust image size Ctrl-Alt-I Command-Option-I
Open pop-up menu for Create options Ctrl-Alt-C Command-Option-C