RAM: Random access memory; a computer component that allows you to store data.

RDRAM: Rambus memory modules are much faster than the standard DDR modules, but are being replaced by DDR2 modules.

reboot: To restart your computer.

recharging cradle: A base connected to a power outlet into which you can place a device that runs on rechargeable batteries in order to recharge those batteries.

removable media: Storage media, such as a CD, DVD, or flash drive, that can be taken away from your PC.

resolution: The number of pixels that your monitor’s display can show, both horizontally and vertically.

resource: Something that a computer uses to get work done, such as memory or processor power.

ROM: Read-only memory; Permanent memory that can’t be altered by the microprocessor.

router: A sophisticated device used to connect your network; it can manage hundreds of networked computers and handle Internet traffic.

RSI: Repetitive stress injury; a physical condition caused by putting too much strain on a joint of the body.