feeder tray: A component of a printer in which you place paper that you want the printer to take and print on; also called a paper feed.

fiber optic: A technology that sends data as light at high speeds and in large amounts.

file: A binary (not physical) container that holds a chunk of information stored in a computer.

firewall: A software or hardware device designed to block unauthorized intruders from gaining entry to an individual computer or a network.

FireWire: A type of computer connection that you can use to attach various devices to your PC; most often used to connection DV camcorders.

FireWire port: Same as IEEE 1394 port.

flash drive: A keychain-size storage unit that saves files on memory cards; you can plug it into your computer and access it like any other external hard drive.

flash memory: A special type of computer memory that works like both RAM and ROM; information can be written to flash memory, but that information isn’t erased when the power is off.

force feedback: When a game controller rumbles or provides resistance to your hand that matches the action on-screen.

FSB: Front Side Bus; the primary pathway between a computer’s CPU and memory.