The double snatch is identical to the single snatch with the exception of stance width (just wide enough to accommodate the weight). Simply put, the double snatch is a power bomb. You rip the weight off the ground, swing it between your legs, and explode it up overhead in one smooth, uninterrupted fashion. Completing this movement is a commendable effort to say the least.

Follow these steps:


Set up precisely how you would for a kettlebell swing, with a stance just wide enough to accommodate both weights (either two kettlebells or two dumbbells).

The double snatch develops hip drive (an athlete’s engine) like nothing before it. Except for high-level Olympic lifting, the double snatch is perhaps the ultimate exercise for developing explosive power. It’s quite a heinous conditioning tool as well.


Start with a forceful hike back.

This movement isn’t a dead snatch, where you rip the weight straight from the ground, so be sure to start each rep with a strong hike back.


Explode out of the hinge, standing up as quickly as possible (think “jump,” but keep your heels on the ground).

Let your elbows bend slightly to guide the path of the weight upward, but don’t let the weight arc out too wildly.


As the bells approach eye level, begin to “punch through” into the overhead lockout position.

Bring the weights back down into the rack position before throwing them into another backswing and repeating the movement.