The NLP Fast Phobia Cure takes you through the experience of a traumatic situation in a way that distances you from feeling the normal phobic response. Only do this in an environment where you feel safe and with someone who can help you to stay grounded.

  1. Identify when you have a phobic response to a stimulus or a traumatic or unpleasant memory that you want to overcome.

  2. Remember that you were safe before and after the unpleasant experience.

  3. Imagine yourself sitting in the cinema, watching yourself on a small, black-and-white screen.

  4. Now imagine floating out of the you that’s sitting in the cinema seat, and into the projection booth.

  5. You can now see yourself in the projection booth, watching yourself in the seat, watching the film of you on the screen.

  6. Run the film in black-and-white, on the very tiny screen, starting before you experienced the memory you want to overcome and running it through until after the experience when you were safe.

  7. Now freeze the film or turn the screen completely white.

  8. Float out of the projection booth, out of the seat, and into the end of the film.

  9. Run the film backwards very quickly, in a matter of a second or two, in full-colour, as if you’re experiencing the film, right back to the beginning, when you were safe.

  10. You can repeat steps 8 and 9 until you’re comfortable with the experience.

  11. Now go into the future and test an imaginary time when you may have experienced the phobic response.