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After you assemble your graphic- and image-editing software tools and understand the types of image files you’re working with for your WordPress site, locate some great image and photo libraries to add to your web design toolbox.

Frequently, when prospective clients approach you to design their websites, they provide some basic requirements, or specifications, they hope you can provide for their website designs. These requirements include things like color schemes, layout and format, content and features, and images for logos, header files, and design elements.

If you’re lucky, your clients come to you with their image files in hand, ready for you to use. If not, they look to you to either create those images or find suitable images from stock photo or stock illustration websites. Lucky for you, many are out there — and here are the top three:

  • iStockphoto: An extensive library of stock photography, vector illustrations, video and audio clips, and Flash media. You can sign up for an account and search through its libraries of image files to find the one that suits you, or your client, best. The files that you use from iStockphoto aren’t free — and be absolutely sure that you read the license for each image you use.

    For example, you can use an illustration from iStockphoto in one website design, but you can’t use that same illustration in a theme design that you intend to sell multiple times over (for example, in a premium theme marketplace). Be sure to read the fine print.

  • Dreamstime: Dreamstime is a major supplier of stock photography and digital images. Sign up for an account and search through its huge library of digital image offerings. Dreamstime offers free images occasionally — so keep your eyes out for those. Also, Dreamstime has different licenses for its image files that you need to pay close attention to.

    One really nice feature is its Royalty Free licensing option, which allows you to pay only once for the image and then use it as many times as you want; however, you can’t redistribute the image in the same website theme over and over again, such as in one template, sold to the public multiple times.

  • VectorStock: VectorStock offers royalty-free vector-only illustrations and graphics for sale. You won’t find stock photography here because VectorStock is limited to only vector illustrations. (You need a vector-based editing program like Illustrator or CorelDRAW to use these images.) As with other digital-image resources, licenses apply to the images that you purchase and use — be sure to read about the license of the image you purchase before using it.

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