Object Arrangement in Adobe CS5 Illustrator

New objects in Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Illustrator are placed on top of existing objects. Change their order by choosing the Object→Arrange menu options.

The easiest choices are to bring an object to the front or send it to the back. The results of sending forward or backward can be unnerving if you don’t know the exact order in which objects were created.

Objects in their original positions.
Objects in their original positions.

To change the stacking order, select the object (or objects) whose placement you want to change and then choose one of these commands:

  • Object→Arrange→Bring to Front: Moves the selected object to the top of the painting order. In Figure a, the square is brought in front by using the Bring to Front command.

  • Object→Arrange→Bring Forward: Moves a selected object in front of the object created just before it or one level closer to the front. In Figure b, the circle is moved in front of the square by using the Bring Forward command.

  • Object→Arrange→Send Backward: Moves a selected object so that it falls under the object created just before it or one level back. In Figure c, the triangle is sent backward so that it’s just under the circle.

  • Object→Arrange→Send to Back: Moves a selected object to the bottom of the painting order. In Figure d, the triangle is placed on the bottom by using the Send to Back command.

    Rearranging objects.
    Rearranging objects.
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