Below is a list of all the new elements proposed for introduction in the HTML5 specification in alphabetical order, with a brief description and an associated markup category.

Element Category Description
article Structure element Provides section formatting for short expository items like articles, blogs, etc.
aside Block semantic Slightly related piece of content for host page
audio * Embedded media Used to add audio for playback associated with Web page
canvas Dynamic graphics Use to define a page region in which drawing can occur
command * Metadata/flow/phrasing Use to define user GUI elements
datalist Forms & user input Use to create a list of input elements for pull-down menus
details Forms & user input Provides additional information or controls to users on demand
embed * Dynamic behavior Links to external application or interactive content
figcaption Graphics Provide a caption for a figure element
figure Graphics Standalone flow content element; may be static or dynamic
footer Structure element Concluding information for a document section
header Structure Element Introductory or navigational aids at the start of any page
hgroup Structure Element Header for a section, or a collection of pages within a document
keygen Forms & User input User-accessible control to generate key pairs for security or encryption
mark Semantic structure Mark or highlight a run of text in one document, for reference in another document
meter Graphics Define a visual indicator for some type of measurement
nav Structure element Use to define a navigation bar or area in a Web page
output Dynamic content Some kind of output from script calculation or API call
progress Graphics A visual meter for task completion (progress bar)
ruby Annotation Use to annotate ideographic languages like Chinese or Japanese
section Structure element Generic document or application section; works with h1…h6 to delineate document structure
summary Forms & user input Summary, legend, or caption for input details information
time Dynamic content Value for representing date and/or time
video * Embedded media Use to playback video content in Web page
wbr * Semantic structure Use to denote possible line break point for text flow
* This is an empty element.