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Whether you show your PowerPoint presentation on a computer or a screen in front of an audience, you use the same PowerPoint tricks to move among your slides. PowerPoint offers four ways to move from slide to slide in a presentation:

  • Use the slide control buttons: Click a slide control button — Previous, Slides, Next — in the lower-left corner of the screen. If you don’t see the slide control buttons, press Ctrl+U or right-click and choose Pointer Options→Arrow Options→Visible.

  • Click the Slides button: Click this button and make a choice on the pop-up menu.

  • Right-click on-screen: Right-click and choose a navigation option on the shortcut menu.

  • Press a keyboard shortcut: Press one of the numerous keyboard shortcuts that PowerPoint offers for going from slide to slide.

    Besides using keyboard shortcuts, you can move from slide to slide by clicking on-screen.
    Besides using keyboard shortcuts, you can move from slide to slide by clicking on-screen.
Techniques for Getting from Slide to Slide
To Go Here Slide Control Button Click the Slides Button and Choose. . . Right-Click and Choose. . . Keyboard Shortcut
Next slide* Next Next Next Enter, spacebar, N, PgDn, down-arrow, or right-arrow
Previous slide Previous Previous Previous Backspace, P, PgUp, up-arrow, or left-arrow
Specific slide Go To Slide→Slide number and title Go to Slide→Slide number and title Slide number+Enter; Ctrl+S and then select Slide number and title
Last viewed slide Last Viewed Last Viewed

If animations are on a slide, commands for going to the next slide instead make animations play in sequence. To bypass animations and go to the next slide, use a command for going forward across several slides.

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