Spatial apperception questions, found on the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB), measure your ability to conceptualize the relative position of an aircraft based on the outside viewpoint or sight picture. (Apperception is basically just a fancy word for “observation” here.)

You look at a picture or series of pictures and then interpret what position the airframe is in. Typically, the picture includes a ship in the water, but you may also see a coastline or other objects. You have 10 minutes to complete 25 questions.

To solve a spatial apperception problem, first look at the horizon and determine the vertical orientation. If the horizon is at the halfway point in the frame, the aircraft is level. If the horizon is below or above the halfway point, the aircraft is climbing or diving, respectively.

Next, decide whether the horizon sight picture is tilted right, left, or neither. Finally, note that if the sea appears above the aircraft in the picture, the aircraft is flying toward the sea. The trick here is to mentally move an airframe with your hands to the position that results in the desired sight picture and then match that image with one of the answer choices.

If you have time at the end of the section, go back and double-check your work just to make sure you didn’t get something turned around (which is easy to do at first).

The following practice questions give you a taste of spatial apperception questions. Choose the best answer from the choices provided.


The correct answer is Choice (B).


The correct answer is Choice (D).


The correct answer is Choice (B).


The correct answer is Choice (E).


The correct answer is Choice (A).


The correct answer is Choice (D).


The correct answer is Choice (C).


The correct answer is Choice (D).


The correct answer is Choice (B).